or Not

I resisted not to sign up with a account for a loooong time, but in the end (and that is about a couple of days ago) I decided that I should keep up with the trends since I’m a blogger getting deep in the rabbit hole day by day.

So I did. At first I had a little bit of difficulty in understanding how it works, because it does not seem to allow you manually add links (bookmarks) without importing a whole bunch of bookmarks, neither did it seem to work in an attempt to import individual Internet Explorer shortcuts (.lnk files).

In the end, I thought it might be a good idea to import all of my Safari bookmarks from my Mac which could be an alternative way of transferring my stuff to use elsewhere including my PC. After all, isn’t this partly why was established?

So far so good, the annoyances began when I was browsing through several hundred bookmarks on my page and suddenly this happened: error page
Next, I contacted Yahoo! informing them about this bug. As a newcomer to and a newbie, my first impressions are thumbs down.

Bloggers need add-ons and extras which actually do work and the last thing they (we) need is another buggy third party service.