About GO-Blog

This is the English version of my weblog located at http://www.ozarweb.com/go/ . Most of the original content from there is in the question of translation to be included here also.

The original version in Turkish language can be reached at http://gokhan.ozar.net where you could at least view some cool photos. Also at http://bestofbursa.com/galeri2

You can sign up here to be notified of the future updates, and by the way, I don’t do “spam”, so your e-mail addresses are safe with me, kept confidential…

About Me and my Interests a little…

Since I’m currently located in Bursa, Turkey, some of the posts on the original site concern locals and therefore won’t be translated to be published here.

My areas of interest include computers (notably Macs), web design & programming, amateur movie-making and select saga such as Star Wars, V the TV series (of the 80s) and the popular TV series LOST.

You’re likely to find posts related with but not limited to the above mentioned special interests.


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